IES Campanillas


We, Christine and Markus, want to tell you something about our work.

We are working at the IES Campanillas school. Our main tasks are to install new software on the Pc's, configure new hardwareparts and to maintain the web-database.

In school the teacher are learn to teach in english, that's why it's easy for us to communicate with them. Especially Sergio Banderas has helped us to settle in the school. Furthermore Juan Sanchez, Juan Antonio and Juan Carlos are contact persons, too.

Additionaly it was very brilliant that Sergio had drive with us to "El Chorro" to show us a fantastic place in the mountains. On the way we had home feelings because he played music from german carneval. :)

Our office is a little room in a classroom, it's fine because sometimes we can observe the lessons.
In our office we hat internet and can worked at our blog.

But at the secretariat and in the cafeteria the people speaks only spanisch, this is good to learn communicating in the daily grind. Markus und I loves the "Bocadillos" and the "Cafe con leche" in the cafeteria and the people who works there, are such lovely persons.

We think it's good to make the training in a school, because we get a view of the education and additionaly about the life of a spanish traniee. In the school, we are feeling good, because we wouldn't treat like foreigners.