Wednesday, March 17, 2010

08.03.2010 The first meeting with the companies

The first Monday.

We met Sergio at the IES Campanillas School, the workplace for Christine and Markus. He showed us the room where we had to work for the next weeks.
Before we took the Bus to the technology park we had one of the best coffee we ever had in the cafeteria of the school.

In the technology park are the companies where Anna and Patrick have to work.

Anna's company is called "Indiesoft" and Patrick's is called "Novasoft".
In the technology park we watch the P.T.A., which is a second building of the school. There, Sergio show us some lessons and after that we made a little break in the novasoft Restaurant, there we drunk the best Orange juice.

The last company we visited was Jan's.

His company is in center of Malaga. The company is called " Callsoft".

You can find a detailed description of the companys on the right side of our blog.

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