Friday, March 19, 2010

Activities in Malaga

In our first week, we made a lot of interest activities:
We get to know nice bars for example "ElPimpi", in which we ate a lot of delicious tapas.
Furthermore Sergio and his wife showed us a cafe to ate "churros" with chocolate, a typical food of spain. Following we went to a museum of art and look a art exhibition.

On the first wednesday we went to a little restaurant to ate gambas, it was very funny because it was for some of us the first time to breack the gambas out of their cups. Furthermore we went to an nice bar with a lot of vine, there we tasted a typical vine with the taste of dried grapes.
On thursday we went to eat paella with Mr. Sorger in El Pelo. The restaurant was very near to the sea and the atmosphere was great.

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